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Consumer Dispute Settlement Commission

About CDSC

Purpose of Establishment
The CDSC was established at the KCA in accordance with article 60 of the 「Framework Act on Consumer」.


  • The CDSC is a quasi-judicial authority that reviews consumer dispute cases and make settlement decisions.

※ The dispute resolution of the CDSC is the last resort for resolving disputes between the parties before the judicial remedy process is carried out by the court.


  • The CDSC consists of 150 members including 1 chairman, 4 standing commissioners. Commissioners are recommended by the KCA and appointed by the KFTC.
  • Through the amendment of the 「Framework Act on Consumer」 on October 31st 2017, the number of commissioners for the CDSC has been expanded (Standing 2->5, Non-Standing 48->145)


    CDSC Standing Commissioners,Non-Standing Commissioners(Consumer Representative,Business Representative,Experts by Sectors,Attorneys,Subtotal),Total
    Standing Commissioners Non-Standing Commissioners Total
    Consumer Representative Business Representative Experts by Sectors Attorneys Subtotal
    5 26 26 65 28 145 150

Management and Performance

  • Committee meetings are held 1~3 times a week
  • Number of meetings
    Number of meetings(Year,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020)
    Year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
    Meetings Total 118 105 92 103 166 158
    Seoul 79 68 60 78 142 130
    Others 39 37 32 25 24 28
    Cases Individual 3,771 3,655 2,790 3,147 3,392 5,265
    Collective 3 5 5 11 7 12
  • The CDSC is divided into 2 sub-committees.
  • The plenary mediation session holds meetings which consist of the chairman, standing members and 5-9 members designated by the chairman. The partial mediation session holds meetings which consist of the chairman or standing members and 2-4 members designated by the chairman.

Effect of Mediation

Effectiveness of dispute settlement

If the parties accept mediation, the CDSC prepares the dispute resolution report which is equivalent to a judicial compromise(or a final ruling under the 「Civil Procedure Act」).

Failure to fulfill duties

If one of the parties do not fulfill what has been agreed, the other party can exercise compulsory execution under the 「Supreme Court Regulations(Article 1768)」 upon obtaining the court’s execution clause.

Issue of service certificate

  • With one’s id card, the mediation decision(original copy) and the dispute resolution report, the party can receive the certificate of service on the dispute resolution report from Secretariat of the CDSC(7th floor at the KCA main office, Eumseon-gun Chungcheongbuk-do) (People living in different areas may gain information on how to issue the certificate from the mediator in charge)

Compulsory execution method

  • After submitting the certificate of service, the mediation decision(original copy) and the dispute resolution report to the Cheongju district court(Department of Civil Suit Application, +82-43-249-7314), one can obtain the execution clause and apply for the compulsory execution by visiting the executive office of distric court in the location of counter-party.
  • Detailed information can be found at the Supreme Court's website (www.scourt.go.kr)

Measures upon mediation failure

If either party rejects the CDSC’s decision, the dispute can be settled through legal procedures(such as a small-sum civil suit). The KCA’s consumer lawsuit support system can be referred if cases in which the company has rejected the CDSC’s decision meet certain requirements such as cases under KRW 30million, cases of vulnerable consumers and etc.