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Consumer Counseling & Dispute Settlement

Quick counseling and redress are provided for consumers who encountered problems using products or services

Consumer victimization frequently occurs while using various types of products or services. However, there are many consumers who don’t know how to receive compensation. The Consumer Counseling Team provides counseling and handles complaints related to various fields such as automobile, daily articles, housing and facilities, publications, service, agriculture, textile, finance and insurance, law and medicine. Redress is provided based on recommended conciliation between parties involved in the dispute in accordance with the Compensation Criteria for Consumers’ Damages. If parties fail to reach an agreement, the case is referred to the Consumer Dispute Settlement Commission (CDSC) for mediation decision. There is also an expert committee to investigate the cause of consumer victimization.

The CDSC fairly handles dispute cases if parties don’t accept the recommended comprise by KCA.

Often times when consumers are victimized, the amount of monetary loss is small but determining liability for damages is difficult. Therefore, resolving cases through civil suits is a waste of time and money. If parties in a dispute fail to accept the recommended comprise by the KCA or other consumer organizations, the CDSC which has quasi-judicial power will make a mediation decision. The CDSC receives evidence and relevant data from the consumer and business and fairly handles the dispute by referencing test/inspection results or expert committee’s opinions. The Committee is comprised of 50 experts in the field of law, medicine, automobile, insurance and product liability, and representatives of consumer and business organizations who are appointed by the Chairman of Korea Fair Trade Commission on the recommendation of the KCA President. If both parties accept the decision by the CDSC, it has the same judicial effect as the court of law.

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