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Consumer CounselingCross-border Consumer Dispute Inquiry

Cross-border Consumer Dispute Inquiry

Welcome to the Korea Consumer Agency!

The Korea Consumer Agency(KCA) is a regular member of the International Consumer Protection & Enforcement Network(ICPEN), which is composed of major consumer protection enforcement organizations of OECD countries.

If you suffer any damage or injury caused by the use of goods or services provided by businesses located in Korea, please download and complete the consumer complaint from send it to

Before filling the form, please read the following statement to make sure to understand how your complaint information will be used.

With the rapid expansion of globalization and economic regionalism, cross-border consumer transactions--especially e-Commerce or online transactions--are increasing exponentially. Under these circumstances, the information you provide us will help make borderless consumer transactions much safer and stop similar damages from occurring again in the future.

More specifically, your damage information will be used for identifying the current trend of consumer damages, urging relevant organizations to take necessary actions, and preventing the same or similar consumer damages in the future. To this end, the KCA could share your information (excluding personal information) with other consumer organizations including ICPEN members in order to study new methods and trends of frauds, or to monitor suspected businesses or individuals.

The KCA provides ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) service to deal with consumer complaints and always does and will do its best to redress all the consumer damages. However, it is not desirable for consumers to believe that the KCA will resolve their problems without fail, and provide satisfying results all the time.

KCA's Privacy Protection Policy over your damage information is as follows.

All of the personal information handled by the KCA is being collected, kept, or processed based on the relevant laws and with the consent of the information source (providers). The KCA always strictly abides by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Agencies, which prescribes the general norms of handling such personal information, in dealing with such information for the public interest.

Personal Information Automatically Collected and Saved

When you visit KCA's homepage (, your traits--the information about what you read or download--will be automatically collected and recorded. This information does not include the ID of the users, nor will it be used for tracing individual visitors. Rather, the information which includes your Internet domain, IP address, web browser, Operation System(OS), visiting date and time, and the pages you read, will simply be used as basic data for providing consumers with more useful information.

Information Collected through Internet Counselling and Email

Your personal information requested to provide for counseling through KCA's website is the minimum information necessary for the Agency to take care of your complaints. Therefore, if the information is incorrect or incomplete, you may not be able to receive the answer. The access to the personal information will be strictly limited and used only for the purpose of resolving consumer grievance. The information provided through email or "newsletter member service" including email addresses, phone numbers or locations will also be thoroughly protected under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Agencies, and will not be used for commercial purpose or just for maintaining personal information.

Protection of Private Information on the Linked Sites

If you visit the linked sites of other organizations while visiting KCA's homepage, your private information will be protected in accordance with the laws or regulations designated by the sites.

Notification of Users' Responsibility

If a person posts wrong or fake information on KCA's website, which results in the infringement of another person's interests or rights or damage to a relevant organization, the person who has posted the information shall take all the responsibility, and his or her personal information may not be protected by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Maintained by Public Agencies.

Report of Personal Information Misuse or Abuse

If you find any possibility of personal information leakage or infringement of a person's interests and rights, please contact us through the following contact information and let us know the fact immediately.

MOUs with Foreign Agencies('Cross-Border Transactions')

  • Vietnam Competition and Consumer Authority (2021.3.10.)
  • National Consumer Complaints Centre, Malaysia (2020.7.13.)
  • Department of Consumer Protection, Executive Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan) (2019.8.29.)
  • The Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection (2019.6.7.)
  • Macao SAR Government Consumer Council (2019.4.9.)
  • Federation of Societies for Consumer Rights Protection of Uzbekistan (2018.12.13.)
  • Chartered Trading Standards Institute (2018.6.21.)
  • Hongkong Consumer Council (2017.5.25.)
  • Singapore Consumers Association of Singapore (2017.5.23.)
  • Office of the Consumer Protection Board of Thailand (2016.6.16.)
  • International Association of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. (2016.5.26.)
  • National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan (2015.7.30.)