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President Greetings

About KCAPresident Greetings

President Greetings

I am Jang Duck-jin, President of the Korea Consumer Agency.
Thank you for visiting the website of the Korea Consumer Agency.

The Korea Consumer Agency is a public institution established to promote consumer rights, and it is concentrating all of its resources on supporting government consumer policies and fostering a consumer-led market amid the rapidly changing consumption environment.

To this end, the KCA is endeavoring to secure consumer sovereignty by performing various functions and roles such as creating a fair trading environment, and ensuring safety in consumers’ daily life, quick damage relief and dispute settlement, education on strengthening consumer capacity, and engaging in policy research on consumer laws and systems.

As a public institution, the KCA is also doing its best to uphold social values such as promotion of public interest and community development by caring about the underprivileged and win-win cooperation with the local communities and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The Korea Consumer Agency will continue to make efforts to fulfill its mission of opening the path to the era of consumer sovereignty and becoming an agency with public trust and expertise.

Thank you.

Duck Jin Jang President Korea Consumer Agency


Academic Background

  • 1985.

    • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Korea
  • 1988.

    • Master’s degree in Policy Studies, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL, Korea
  • 2002.


Career Background

  • Feb 2010 ~ Dec 2010

    • Head of the Seoul Office, Korea Fair Trade Commission
  • Feb 2012 ~ Jan 2014

    • Director General for Planning & Coordination, Korea Fair Trade Commission
  • Feb 2014 ~ Dec 2017

    • Director of the Consumer Policy Bureau, Korea Fair Trade Commission
  • Jan 2018 ~ Jan 2019

    • Commissioner, Korea Fair Trade Commission
  • Mar 2019 ~ Jul 2021

    • Vice President, Korea Consumer Agency
  • Jul 2021 ~

    • President, Korea Consumer Agency