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President Greetings

President Greetings

I am Lee Hee-sook, President of the Korea Consumer Agency.
Thank you for visiting the website of the Korea Consumer Agency.

Rapid changes are taking place in the consumption environment. With the emerging technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution bringing a wide range of benefits and at the same time causing consumer problems, the consumption environment is entering a new phase.

The Korea Consumer Agency is providing a variety of information systematically so that consumers make wise and responsible purchasing decisions in the rapidly changing consumption environment.

Furthermore, the Korea Consumer Agency is making a contribution to promoting the rights and interests of consumers through various roles and functions, including consumer education, test and inspection to increase consumer safety, market surveys and analyses to help consumers become better able to conduct domestic and international transactions, research on consumer policies designed to improve systems, consumer counseling in specialized fields, damage redress, dispute resolution, etc.

In addition, the Korea Consumer Agency will be committed to creating social value that contributes to the public good and the development of community by encouraging the major market drivers - consumers, businesses and the government - to participate in the entire process of a project for the promotion of consumer rights and interests, thereby expanding the publicness of the project.

Going forward, the Korea Consumer Agency will devote its utmost efforts to establish itself as an institute for all those dedicated to ushering in the era of consumer sovereignty by contributing to raising the quality of consumption lifestyle, and promoting the rights and interests of consumers and the sound development of the national economy.

Thank you.

Hee Sook Lee President Korea Consumer Agency


Academic Background

  • 1994.

    • Ph.D. in Consumer Economics, OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY, U.S.A.
  • 1988.

    • Master’s in Consumer Economics, SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Korea
  • 1979.

    • Bachelor’s in Home Economics Education, CHUNGBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Korea

Career Background

  • Mar 1995 ~ May 2018

    • Professor, Department of Consumer Studies, Chungbuk National University
  • Jul 2004 ~ Jun 2006

    • President, Korean Society of consumer Studies
  • Feb 2004 ~ Jan 2013

    • Committee Member, KFTC Consumer Policy Committee
  • Mar 2006 ~ Feb 2008

    • Dean, College of Human Ecology, Chungbuk National University
  • Apr 2006 ~ Apr 2014

    • Committee Member(President), KFTC Advisory Committee to Review Labeling and Advertising
  • Jul 2011 ~ Jun 2012

    • President, Korean Society of Consumer Policy and Education
  • Jan 2014 ~ Dec 2014

    • President, Korean Academic Society of Financial Planning
  • May 2016 ~ May 2018

    • President, Office of Student Affairs, Chungbuk National University
  • Dec 2017 ~ Jul 2018

    • Council Member, National Economic Advisory Council
  • Jun 2018 ~

    • President, Korea Consumer Agency