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Press Release

ALERT: Watch out for Smishers impersonating KCA! 게시글 상세보기 - 등록일, 조회수, 첨부파일, 상세내용, 이전글, 다음글 제공
ALERT: Watch out for Smishers impersonating KCA!
Date 2020-10-13 Hit 89

ALERT: Watch out for Smishers impersonating KCA!

- Extracts personal information by encouraging calls to check payment settlement -

Korea Consumer Agency (President Lee Hee-sook) issued a prevention warning to consumers, as there were rapid increase in reports of incoming fraudulent text messages (or Short Messaging Service, SMS) impersonating Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) in recent days.

* Around 100 consumer inquiries reported via KCA main phone number and 1372 Consumer Counseling Center on Sep. 7 alone.

As confirmed by KCA, smishers send text messages to consumers saying that “A product was purchased and a certain amount of payment was settled at Google Pay. Please check the relevant agency by calling this phone number.” When the misled receiver calls back this number, smishers extract personal and financial information. Moreover, consumers may be mistaken when calling the informed numbers (1670-2108, 02-859-0108), as their Automated Response System (ARS) respond very similarly to that of 1372 Consumer Counseling Center.

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