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2023-11-24Beware of Damage From Overseas Direct Purchase During Year-end Discount Events한국소비자원
2023-10-13"Caution: Potential Consumer Damages Linked to Airline Tickets, Parcel Delivery Services, and Gift Vouchers during Chuseok Holiday”한국소비자원
2023-10-12The Absorption Performance of Menstrual Pads That Do Not Use Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP) Has Been Shown to Be Effective한국소비자원
2023-10-11For Protein Supplement General Food, Protein Content Varies Widely Across Products한국소비자원
2023-10-11Advisory on ‘Mini Air Conditioners’ That Fail to Blow Cold Air, Bought by Direct Overseas Shipment한국소비자원
2023-10-11Consumers Must Carefully Compare the Grades and Prices of Hanwoo Gift Sets Before Purchasing Them한국소비자원
2023-10-11UV Protection Effects of Tinting Film for Automobiles Vary Between Product Brands한국소비자원
2023-10-11Variation in Meat & Side Dish Quantities Across Convenience Store Lunchbox Products한국소비자원
2023-10-10Damage to Consumers from Wedding Planning Services Increased by 40% Compared to the Same Period Last Year한국소비자원
2023-10-10High Impact of Quality Comparison Information on Consumer Purchases & Choices for Products한국소비자원
2023-10-10Consumer Consultations Related to Overseas Travel in May Quadrupled Month on Month한국소비자원
2023-10-10Precautions for Car Rentals during Summer Vacation한국소비자원
2023-10-06Shampoo Bars Exhibit Varying Degrees of Cleansing Efficacy Across All Products, With Prices Differing by up to 5.4 Times한국소비자원
2023-10-06Older Consumers Must Check Important Information Before Signing a Water Purifier Rental Contract한국소비자원
2023-10-05Consumer Advisory About Consumer Safety When Using Food Disposal Machines한국소비자원
2023-10-04Children's Scooters Show Differences in Durability When Compared to Each Other한국소비자원
2023-09-27Safety accidents involving children increased by 36.4% compared to the previous year as the country returned to normality after the COVID-19 pandemic한국소비자원
2023-09-27Consumer advisory on the parcel forwarding services provided by online shopping malls specializing in foreign sneaker brands한국소비자원
2023-09-26Consumers Should Check for Major Differences in Quality Between Products When Purchasing Capsule-type Coffee Machines한국소비자원
2023-09-26One of the domestically manufactured hemp seed oil product has violated the cannabis ingredient content standard한국소비자원